Big Data Exchange

March 23 - 25, 2014

Salamander Resort & Spa , Middleburg, Virginia

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Welcome to The Big Data Exchange

The Big Data Exchange 2014 is the leading event for Information Management & Technology executives leading strategic big data initiatives and projects across Fortune 500 companies. The practical program’s agenda is focused on "Leveraging Big Data to Improve Company Performance and Increase R.O.I. through Efficient Enterprise Analytics."

While data has always been useful to create value and pursue new opportunities, it has become an essential factor of production in today’s global business world, just like physical assets and human capital. Big data is now an important aspect into every sector and function in the global economy. Much of today’s modern economic activity simply can not take place without the productive use of big data. It is creating significant value for the world economy by reducing waste and increasing the quality of products and services.

More companies are gaining a better understanding of the performance improvement opportunities that exist through the efficient leverage of big data. The pioneers, who have launched successful big data initiatives, are currently reaping the benefits of their early adoption. From productivity increase to revenue growth, Big Data projects are allowing companies to improve performance and gain that highly sought after competitive advantage. This is achieved, in part, by:

  • Improving business and operational decisions
  • Growing revenues through improved marketing
  • Optimizing operations and reducing costs through better understanding of the organization and its environment
  • Building teams with the appropriate skill sets needed to implement successful big data Initiatives
  • Identifying and pursuing new growth opportunities

The Big Data Exchange continues its ongoing tradition of offering cutting-edge, interactive learning opportunities for data executives to gain actionable insights and carry on the ever-lasting innovation that makes them pioneers and leaders at what they do. Contact us today to learn how you might participate in this dynamic, executive-level exchange. I look forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,
Chafik Abdellaoui
Program Director

What distinguishes this event?

The Big Data 2014 Exchange presents the opportunity for delegates to network and build partnerships with peer level professionals, while learning new ideas and strategies that they can replicate within their own organizations, to build a best practices culture. Big Data Exchange has the following distinguishing features:
  • Brain Weave® discussions
  • Exclusive senior level attendance
  • Strategic conference sessions
  • Customized itinerary
  • One-on-one business meetings

What others have to say

“This was a really valuable opportunity to meet peers and suppliers, and to learn and grow”
– Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
“It was a really good conference! Thank you for the opportunity to present at it! I enjoyed it! I also enjoyed meeting the vendors. I’m moving ahead with 3 of them on opportunities that arose as a direct result from meeting them at the conference.”
– Malt-O-Meal Inc.
“Well organized, informative session that covered the real issues and trends - not just those that are academic”
– MGM Resorts

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